Winter wedding dresses: 17 beautiful bridal gowns for your winter wedding

1. The Elsa dress

Disney fans, what better way to pay homage to winter than with a gorgeous Elsa-themed gown?

Beaded to glisten like sunlight on fresh fallen snow, it’s an absolute dream come true.


2. The Darla dress

This simple gown comes with a gorgeous organza coat, which is fastened with a VERY snowflake-esque brooch.


3. The Ziba gown

This Sareh Nouri gown (‘Ziba’) has everything we want from a winter gown; sparkle, glamour, a princess-cut, and a VERY figure-flattering silhouette.


4. The Leandra gown

Sparkling Swarovski crystals, a daring scoop back and an elegant silhouette make this one of our favourite winter wedding gowns.


5. The Grace gown

How gorgeous is this simple gown?

It reminds us of Olivia Palermo’s tulle skirt and sweater combo from her wedding day.


6. The Bardot gown

We imagine this pretty vintage gown will go down a treat with brides planning an Old Hollywood wedding day.


7. The Mod gown

The dimensions of this gown are incredible; not a classic, sure, but it’s a pretty beautiful winter wedding dress all the same!


8. The Peony gown

We love the delicate lace detail to the back of this gown- so like little snowflakes!


9. The Claire gown

This gorgeous skirt has 2 layers of champagne silk with subtle hints of blush – and, better still, it has delicate lace sleeves to keep the chill away.


10. The Snowflake gown

This wedding dress was LITERALLY inspired by snowflakes – what could be better for a winter wedding, eh?


11. The Cinderella gown

This dress dazzles – just like Cinderella’s famous glass slippers – and it would be beautiful for your happy ever after.


12. The Marlene gown

This statement dress is completely covered in shimmering sequins, which means you’ll look like a beautiful glistening snowflake – or a red carpet star!


13. The ‘Traditional’ gown

Why not team a traditional white wedding gown with a fun (faux!) furry coat?


14. The Crystal gown

This stunning tulle gown is scattered with crystals and pearls, meaning you’ll shimmer in the winter sunlight.


15. The 1920s Flapper gown

Silver is DEFINITELY a valid choice for your big day – especially if it’s as beautiful as this.


16. The Vivien dress

This ready-to-wear halter neck gown is a real bargain at £120… and it’s pretty damn beautiful, too!


17. The Snow White gown

She wasn’t called the fairest of them all for nothing, you know – and, with this dress available in festive red or traditional white, it’s guaranteed to turn heads on your big day.






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