Morning Light A Story Of the Elegance Sans Structure

She’s Aurora, first golden light you see in the break of dawn, warming up the misty morning. In her Dindarella Gold Paillet dress.


Emerald is reflective to nature, she is a part and apart. Which is what femininity is, Transcendent She’s in Espen Salberg’s number and a selection of Jemme’s tourmaline delicate creations.

003As swan do, she’s elegantly nestling in her silk rossette Dindarella creation. While Jemme’s mother of pearl and diamonds twinkle, sparkling along her iridescent beauty, wild and free

004Not all notion of purity is innocent, raw sensuality and elegance is shown here in Espen Salberg creative play of drapes and layers of tuille. Jewelries are a selection of fresh water pearl and diamonds from Jemme.

006Illuminated from inside, Espen Salberg show how to play peekaboo with your inner diva, as she turn her back at you, she shines like thousands stars.


Skin soo bare, comfortably and elegantly encased in this bespoke kerawang lace from Uluwatu





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