Grey wedding dresses seem to be creeping up more and more, in the bridal fashion scene. Gone are the days when the bride was obliged to wear a white gown – it’s all about incorporating subtle hues to inject some personality into your bridal look.

grey wedding dresses

Image above: Emily Riggs Bridal

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Emily Riggs Bridal gowns, and this Nightingale dress is so perfect. They’ve paired a lace top with a beautiful, flowing tulle skirt for a look that oozes French romance.

Image above:

How fabulous is the back of this gown? We also love how this real bride opted for a bouquet full of greenery, like eucalyptus and olive. This combo will complement grey wedding dresses perfectly.

grey wedding dresses


This quite possibly may be our favourite dress, ever! I mean, just look at that detailing on the back – dreamy! This gorgeous gown is from Chicago


This Halo gown by Elizabeth Dye features the perfect amount of tulle – it’s not too poofy, but just enough to add a little drama. The sweet, gold belt ties the look together nicely,too.

This sheer, lace top by Alexandra Grecco is so dainty and elegant, that when paired with the fuller skirt, it adds romance and impact to the overall look.


We know it’s a little early for autumn/winter brides – but how about this for some seriously cosy inspiration?! We’re in love!

grey wedding dresses


We love subtle detailing and the sweet lace trim on this tulle gown are simply perfect. Pair this with the fab beach setting, and you’ll have a match made in heaven!


We see a lot of grey tulle gowns, but how about this all-over beaded one? The stunning cowl back and sheer long sleeves are super flattering!


This Maria Lluisa Rabell gown was one of our favourites from this shoot we did in Summerhill House, a while back. We paired up with the dynamic duo that is Into the Light for this one – see more images from the day here. 


Opt for contrast when choosing a grey wedding dress. We love that the bodice is a darker shade of grey, and it complements the softer grey tulle skirt, perfectly.





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