As we have mentioned before, Bridal 2018 collection is more personal than ever. All our previous experiences were gathered in order to create dresses that embody what love means to us and to our clients. So we thought that we needed to tell a story about it.
So here we are, sharing everything that makes the collection come to be, with you.
While working on Bridal 2018, our designer explained creative process and the significance Mihano Momosa has in his life and takes you to our workshop to share the magic of creating beautiful wedding dresses.

We brought you behind the scenes and made a making of video, to share the positive vibes from the set with you.

And finally, we have invited Tena, Dunja, Milica, Dejana and NataĊĦa to share their Mihano Momosa experience and describe their dress, what it meant to them and how it made them feel.


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