Bridesmaid dresses nowadays are becoming more elegant with simpler and more modern takes that still deliver the right flair. Many variations are done on the skirt, sleeves, and bodice by using different cuts, materials and colors. To give you some idea, here are the bridesmaid dress styles to complement the gorgeous bride.

Knee-length or tea-length
Traditionally, bridesmaids are dressed to resemble the bride in hopes of confusing evil spirits that attend her wedding ceremony to steal her happiness, hence the usually similar ankle or floor-length bridesmaid dresses. These days, bridesmaids are more often found dressed in knee or tea-length dresses for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Don’t worry because the retro and semi-formal feel still oozes a sophisticated vibe.


Shoulder details
Shoulder accents have become increasingly popular for both brides and bridesmaids. The one-shoulder gives an interesting twist to a basic strapless dress. Its shoulder-baring silhouette adds equal amount of sexy and elegant while providing enough support for various body types. Meanwhile, the off-shoulder is similar to a strapless dress but with dropping sleeves that add a subtle flirtatious touch.


A classic fabric in the wedding industry that remains a favourite choice for its feminine patterns. If the bride is planning a vintage-inspired wedding, a lace dress would be just the right match for her bridesmaids. Another alternative suggestion is to add lace to only certain parts of the dress, the tiny addition of lace can makes a simple dress look more feminine and chic.


A two-piece bridesmaid outfit is both unique and stylish. For the fashion-forward bridesmaid, you can tailor matching skirts with different tops according to their preferred style. For the girly bridesmaids, knee-length tutu skirts or long, flowy skirts would be suitable. While for the sporty bridesmaids, a matching skirt with crop top that bares the midriff will show off the already fit image.


Strapless is a timeless style, but sleeved dresses are having a moment in the wedding scene. Picking different sleeves for each bridesmaid is an easy alternative for brides who wish to put variation on the same bridesmaid dresses. There are countless styles to choose such as cap sleeves, flutter sleeves, elbow sleeves, bell sleeves, and many more.


Metallic colours like silver, bronze, and rose gold are trending this year and sequined bridesmaid dresses are the perfect complement for brides with a glamorous wedding. If the bride is worried that fully-sequined bridesmaid dresses are too overwhelming, suggest her a lighter colour like ivory or pink with streaks of sequins here and there.


High slit
This is a tricky for bridesmaids. The high slit gives extra leg space for walking around with the bride while baring enough skin to the groomsmen they are paired with. This particular suits a bold bride with equally confident girl squad that will send her off to her husband.


Do you have other ideas for a stunning bridesmaid dress, or have you seen a bridesmaid dress you love? Share it with us below!


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